What can you do that may result in unfair dismissal!
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There are several reasons that can lead to unfair dismissal at the workplace and these can be in various shades and scenarios.

First of all, there are occasions where an employer can dismiss a worker fairly such as:

Not being able to function adequately with regards to job roles amongst others.

If, for instance you have not been keeping up with essential modifications of your job – such as may be seen with technology challenge or not just getting along with your other colleagues, a fair dismissal may be fair enough.

Before any forms of dismissals are implemented, the employer should:

· follow disciplinary measures such as warning the person(s) involved that his or her work isn’t satisfactory

· offer the person the chance to advance i.e. through training

If someone has been warned on several occasions on the account of inefficiency or misconduct, the management may fairly dismiss the person.

Unfair Dismissal because of a disability is actually an unlawful discrimination and does promote marginalization.

Lastly if the reason you are nominated for redundancy which then leads to dismissal is unfair, then you will have been unfairly dismissed.

You can be laid off for ‘grave misconduct’ without your proprietor going through the typical disciplinary procedures if for instance you’re violent towards others.

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